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Hi, I'm Magda Sommer, a board-certified Functional Medicine Nutrition Coach and your Health Transformation Guide. I've dedicated my life to helping people like you meet their health and wellness goals. With my professional background in functional medicine nutrition, human physiology, and Reiki healing, I help you uncover the root causes of your health issues and discover what truly nourishes you. Let's start your journey towards vibrant good health today!


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Magda is passionate about health and enjoying life. She loves to help people solve their health mysteries, and she consistently overdelivers, in both the amount of information she provides and the level of commitment she makes to her clients. When I did her Reset program to identify food sensitivities, I was delighted that eating more (quality food, of course) actually caused me to release weight. That was a nice bonus! I am so grateful to have Magda by my side to help me determine and address the root causes of multiple symptoms. She helps me believe I can and will regain the vitality in my life."

-  Carmen Walsh

Before I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's, an auto immune disease, I constantly had brain fog, fatigue, inflammation and memory loss. I went to multiple doctors and they stated that my blood tests were normal. 

If it wasn't for Magda I would still be living a life full of symptoms not knowing what was wrong. Magda is an excellent wellness coach and I recommend her to everyone! "

- Ela Wojdyla

Magda's 6 Week Reset Wellness Program was more than I could have ever imagined. It was jam packed with so many golden nuggets and included a 3 week elimination diet. I loved how she made us all accountable to keep us consistent to identify what foodsare affecting our body's. She went over and above to create delicious recipes we could make, and planned every meal which I wastruly grateful for. There was no second guessing, which was absolutely perfect. I loved her personal touch and she always took the time to make sure all our questions were answered and guided us every step of the way. I have to say I never felt deprived and definitely felt more energized. I loved the unique tasty recipes and even lost a few pounds.I highly recommend this program as Magda's wisdom, knowledge and sense of humour made it so much fun at the same time.Thank you Magda for playing a huge role in guiding me to a healthier more vibrant life. I am forever grateful "

- Marg Yungwirth

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